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Piusi and Piusi USA Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Dispensing System & Fuel Transfer Pump Company

Established in 1953, Piusi maintains its legacy of providing solutions and inspiring ingenuity in the development of:

• Fuel Transfer and Measurement (FUEL)
• Lubricant Transfer and Measuring (OIL)
• Pumps, PTO (Power Take Off) and Compressors for Agriculture (Ag)
• DEF Dispensing and Metering Systems

Piusi’s consistent growth in international markets is the result of our commitment to values and operating standards that ensure:

• Dependable, easy-to-use products
• Innovative, high performing solutions
• Attention to market demands and requirements
• Efficiency through streamlined organization
• Integrity in relationships with a strong focus on customer needs

Today, Piusi’s home base expansion now occupies a new 275,000 sq ft fully automated warehouse, robotics fabrication wing, and complete quality control stations spread across 11 acres. 

To better serve the North & South American Markets, in 2009 Piusi USA was formed.

As the only extension outside of our corporate, Piusi USA offers a dedicated sales, service, and marketing team to develop, train and service a distribution network in the Americas.

History Timeline 

Franco Varini, an engineer and the father of the current Chairman Otto Varini, founds Piusi.
The company starts life as a manufacturer of agricultural equipment under the name OMAA – Officina Meccanica Applicazioni Agricole.

Development of the PTO System for water pumping and compressed air production.

Electric pump for domestic washing.

First diesel fuel transfer pump designed and manufactured by PIUSI.

First fuel dispenser designed and manufactured by PIUSI; the company enters the market with its first diesel fuel station for small tanks.

Development of the first PIUSI digital flow meter for oil.

Development of the first mechanical flow meter for diesel (K33/K44) and the first digital flow meter for diesel (MC30). Development of the CUBE and SELF-SERVICE stations for private fuel dispensing.

Design and development of the MCO system for managing the dispensing of oil from multiple distribution points, within the facility for a fully computerized management solution using software developed in-house.

Piusi obtains ISO9001 certification.

Design and development of K500 pre-settable oil dispensing nozzle.

Gear pump for oil (Viscomat).

Design and development of OCIO for remote monitoring of liquid levels.

Design and development of Self-Service system for managing the dispensing of diesel fuel, with the creation of a specific PC-based software package.

Design and development of K200 METER for low flow rates and grease.
Design and development of PANTHER DC PUMP in 12V and 24V versions.

Design and development of VISCOMAT DC in 12V and 24V versions.
Design and development of VACUBOX, an automatic oil changing system.

Design and development of Ocio GSM – Remote level monitoring system.
Design and development of K24 – In-line turbine flow meter.
Design and development of K40. Mechanical flow meter for oil.
Design and development of K600. High flow-rate nozzle.

Design and development of Vantage, the intelligent diesel pump.
Design and development of MC BOX, 12 V Ver.

Design and development of ByPass 3000.
Piusi USA was formed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Design and development of a membrane pump for dispensing ADBlue/DEF.

HQC Quick Coupling for fast, handy disconnection.
Development of K700, a robust mechanical flow meter for high flow rates.
Development of “Clear Captor Filter”, which extracts water from diesel fuel, with the possibility of seeing clogging of the cartridge.

An advanced, 275,000 sq ft manufacturing facility, on a total site of 475,000 sq ft.
ISO 9001 Quality Certification since 1998.
ISO 14000 Environmental Certification since 2006.
Advanced ERP system (SAP) since 2003.
Automated intensive warehouse.
200 employees: 45 office staff (15 designers) – 155 production staff.
Exports account for 85% of total turnover.
Piusi USA expands to a new 40,000 sq ft warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to support the inventory for the North & South American Markets.