def products

The original pioneers in the industry of DEF transfer

Three25 (120V_F00101A0A) (12V_F00101A1A)


Premium def tote kit
SuzzaraBlue Basic+ 120V (F00201A5)

def tote kits

complete tote kits with accessories
SuzzaraBlue Pro Drum Kit (120V_F00201AL0) (12V_F00201AM0)

def drum kits

complete drum kits with accessories
Suzzarablue AC DEF Pump (F00203100)

suzzarablue def pump

the original def membrane pump

rotary hand pump

manual def transfer
Piusi Hand Pump Side_Web

rotary hand pump tote kit

hand pump with tote bracket

piston hand pump

manual def transfer

self service mc dispenser

management system for def
K24 DEF Flow Meter (F00407340)

k24 digital flow meter

for def

piusi portable tanks

50 gallon and 100 gallon portable dispensing tanks
SB325 Automatic DEF Nozzles

sb 325 nozzles

automatic nozzles available with or without meter and spout accessories
DEF Nozzles

def nozzles

automatic and manual options
Gravity Kit (F15517010)

gravity kit

gravity fed alternative


def dispenser for automobiles

piusi mp

air operated diaphragm pumps
Blue Box - R1611800A

Piusi blue box

mountable protection for the suzzarablue
K24 DEF Pulser (F0040721B)

k24 def pulser

pulse meter for def
3D DEF Filter with Housing (F00611D100)

3d def filter

eliminates contaminants in def transfer

def accessories

hose reels, dispense couplers, IBC covers, and more for your def equipment