Filtroll (F0050606A)


  • Water filter absorbs water from diesel fuel (30 µ)
  • Diesel filter removes impurities (5 µ)
  • Standard manual nozzle
  • 13 ft. delivery hose, and 13 ft. suction hose
  • Control panel for filter control and alerts
  • Sturdy trolley for easy mobility


Spec Sheet

 filtroll - portable diesel filter

Part  #f0050606a (12v only)


For those that need the cleanest diesel fuel dispensed, choose the Piusi Filtroll: with double filtration to absorb any water and remove impurities. Its heavy duty Panther 56 pump transfers diesel at a rate up to 14.8 GPM. This dispenser is assembled on a sturdy cart for easy mobility around your garage or industrial setting. A built in control panel helps you control the transfer of fuel and alerts you to any blockage in the system.

Model specs:

  • 14.8 GPM Flow Rate
  • 12V DC
  • 300 Watts
  • 35 Amps
  • Manual nozzle
  • 13 ft. Delivery hose
  • 13 ft. Suction hose
  • 77 lbs

What's included: