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mc box keys and accessories

F14144040 USB Key Kit

mc box key kit
Part #f14144040

Includes: USB adapter, (1) red management i-button key, (10) yellow user i-button keys, software disc (Self Service 1.0 software version).

Yellow user keys x10 (R15904000)

mc box yellow user keys (10 pack)
part #r15904000

Includes: 10 yellow user i-button keys for MC Box.

Red management key (R12496000)

mc box red management key
part #r12496000

Includes: 1 red management i-button key for MC Box.

Blue vehicle key x10 (R17299000)

mc box blue vehicle key (10 pack)
part #r17299000

Includes: 10 blue vehicle i-button keys for MC Box 2.0

Translation Key

mc box language translation key
part #f15358000 (english)
part #f1400000a (portuguese)
part #f1396800a (spanish)
part #f1390700a (french)

Includes: 1 black language translation i-button key for MC Box.

MC Box Gray management key (R20552000)

mc box 1.5 gray management key
part #r20552000

Includes: 1 gray management i-button key for the MC Box 1.5.

Key Reader (F12262010)

key reader
part #f12262010

Includes: USB key reader adapter for transferring data from i-button keys to your PC.

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