MC Box PW-WiFi



  • Instant conversion of an RS485 signal to Wi-Fi
  • IP fallback function
  • Compatibility with all DHCP servers
  • 100% compatibility with all Piusi software applications



  PW-WIFI - 1.0 wireless connection

Part  #f12710040


MC Box PW-WiFi is a new solution that allows Piusi devices to be connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi network.

Piusi devices are recognized as IP addresses that can be accessed on a company intranet.

The new Wi-Fi and LAN networks expand the possibilities of allowing products to talk to Piusi software, exceeding the limits imposed by RS485 connections.

Piusi products can be connected to the software applications easily and in a functional manner, solving the problems associated with long distances.

PW-WiFi is composed of two different devices:

• An electronic card that converts an RS485 into an Ethernet signal
• A Wi-Fi module/antenna that makes it possible to connect the LAN card to an existing Wi-Fi network

PW-Wi-Fi supports the following Piusi products:

• Self Service FM
• Self Service MC
• Cube MC
• MC Box

Model specs:

  • Wi-Fi Box
  • Wi-Fi Transmitter
  • PC Software