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Cube 70 MC


Fuel Management System


The Piusi Cube 70 MC Fuel Management System is a compact, easy to install diesel dispenser for private use, which ensures fast and precise dispensing by authorized personnel. The Cube 70 MC comes standard with a nozzle holder, automatic nozzle, 13 ft. of delivery hose (hose interior Ø 1"), internal diesel transfer pump (capable of up to 15 GPM) and electronic meter. This system is capable of recording the date, time and amount of fuel dispensed for the last 255 transactions. As well as fuel monitoring, it also provides security by only allowing authorized users access to the tank's contents.

  • Part # F00594230
  • Description: Cube 70 MC 120V
  • Upon request:  Self Service Desk software allows the data to be exported to a computer