Ex50 Gasoline Pump Kit


UL/CSA-certified 15 GPM transfer kit for flammable liquids: Gasoline, Kerosene and Diesel fuel.

Invest in a fueling solution that is engineered to last. The ex50 is easily one of the most robust fueling systems on the market.  Proven to last longer and flow faster, the ex50 saves you time and money by utilizing the first internal "B-tech" bypass valve that not only protects the pump, but guarantees a consistent flow rate when resistance becomes an issue.

"B TECH Bypass Valve"

The B-Tech Bypass Valve is the first internal bypass valve that opens at higher pressure. This technical modification to our original design guarantees a consistent flow rate without the possibility of pressure loss. The valve engages when the flow rate decreases due to excess pressure. This system allows us to guarantee a flow rate even when the pump is being used with devices that cause resistance such as a filter, meter, auto nozzle, and extended hoses.

    • - B Tech Bypass Valve ensures a consistent flow rate
    • - Re-enforced vanes increase the longevity of the motor
    • - Fortified vane springs provide higher suction capabilities
    • - Comes with UL/CSA Approved Auto Nozzle and Motor
    • - Flanged connections
    • - Drum connector has a built-in strainer which is easy to remove for cleaning
    • - Integrated with a non-return valve, allowing our unit to keep its prime
    • - The electric motor last 3 times the lifetime of its competitors

This pump is available with a 12v or 120V pump, mechanical meter, and water absorbing filter.


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