Remote Display

Universal Remote Display (F0049503B)


  • Unique display with 5 digit partial total with floating point (0.001 to 99999)
  • 8 digit non-resettable total (1 to 99999999)
  • Battery or mains supply
  • Number of pulses per gallon set at: 1, 2, 10, 20, 50, 100
  • Resettable total available
  • Different measurement unit settings
  • Low battery indication
  • Flow rate indication


Spec Sheet

  remote display - with pulse out

Part  #F0049503B


Remote display for remote control (via max. 49 ft. cable) of pulse meters. The large screen displays the quantity delivered and the non-resettable total. Equipped with software applications for calibrating meters. Available as both basic display device and as pulse emitter. Indispensable for receivers designed to recognize only discreet quantities of impulses. The easy interfacing management systems of the pulse transmitter models extend the field of application of pulse meters combined with remote displays.

Model specs:

  • Fluid compatibility depends on type of pulse meter

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