Self Service 1.5



  • Set up, monitoring, and reporting done from your PC
  • Intuitive dashboard for fleet management
  • 650 Transaction data capacity
  • Complete 1.5 management system requires: MC Box 1.5, Self Service 1.5 software (standard or professional), Gray manager key (R20552000), and Key reader (F12262010)


Spec Sheet

Self service 1.5
management software

Part #f00772400 (60 users)
#f00772420 (120 users)


The new Self Service 1.5 software is specifically designed to work with the cETL-approved MC Box 1.5 products. The software will monitor and arrange data for up to 60 or 120 users (based on software version). Data is transferred manually via master manager i-button key and key reader (required). The software includes essential dashboard features, calculated virtual tank monitoring, calculated virtual odometer and all reports and user configurations are done right from your PC. 

*not compatible with MAC

Model specs:

  • Self Service 1.5 Standard
  • Controls up to: 2 MC Boxes
  • Users: Up to 60
  • Self Service 1.5 Professional
  • Controls up to: 4 MC Boxes
  • Users: Up to 120


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