SuzzaraBlue Drum Kits

SuzzaraBlue Pro Drum Kit (120V_F00201AL0) (12V_F00201AM0)

available models:

SuzzaraBlue drum Kits

Available in 120V or 12V (select models)


SuzzaraBlue Drum Kits are dispensing kits designed to allow you to quickly switch out empty Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) drums on the fly! Its main component, the SuzzaraBlue pump, is a self-priming membrane pump that has no need for a dynamic seal. This reduces the necessary amount of maintenance on the pump.

Each SuzzaraBlue Drum Kit includes a heavy-duty DEF pump, easily transferable base, manual DEF nozzle, 20 ft. delivery hose and 1.5 ft. suction hose.

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